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As we move forward in the world of employment and staffing our aim is to promote the Japanese philosophy of “KAIZEN”. This term means to initiate practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in supporting business processes, management, engineering and manufacturing. When this concept is applied correctly continuous improvements can be measured within each department and is applicable from the CEOs position to the telephone operator. KEU, Inc. is driven to succeed, to impact the community, to provide services that exceed customer expectation and lead the industry in professional consulting and staffing services. Please take a moment to post a comment about your experience with Kairos Employment Unlimited, Inc.

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25 Responses to “Blog Post – Rate your KEU, Inc. Experience”

  1. Terry says:

    I spoke with Mrs. Beverly McLean three years ago regarding contract work in Afghanistan. I was not quite prepared to go at that time. After patiently waiting, Mrs. McLean is just as excited and eager to assist me in finding a good contract job. She has helped me to maximixe my skill potential. She has allowed me to feel confident that she will do the best that she can. She has shared her personal experiences about her time doing contract work.I am looking forward to be able to share my own experiences.

  2. Trend Gillyard says:

    I feel my meeting with Mrs. Beverly McLean went very well. Mrs. McLean, explain everything and asked if I had any further question afterward. Great Job and keep up the good work.

  3. Tameka says:

    My experience at KEU thus far has been very promising. I am impressed with the level of professionalism and sincerity displayed by all of the staff members. Ms. McLean is very knowledgable, straight forward, and genuine. I look forward to working with her and KEU as my job search gets the ammunition it needed to succeed.

  4. Wiggins954 says:

    Just another update! KEU has out done themselves. The assisted me with an overseas employment assignment that is going to provide professioanl training along with a professioanl certification which I will be able to utilize in business if I decide to end my contracting career within the next. If you are seeking a new career or overseas employment resources I suggest you contact KEU. They are on the web obviously! Thanks Kairos

  5. Ronald McLean says:

    By the help of God and Mrs. Beverly I’m very thankful for her an KEU, I got a job offer over in Afghanganistan. This is like once in a life time so if you are seeking employment, Kairos Employment Unlimited is the place to go. You will never find a better Loveable group of people to work with you than Mrs. Beverly McLean an her team. Thanks once again KEU/Beverly McLean May God continue to Bless you an KEU.

  6. Wiggins954 says:

    I was introduced to the world of government contracting in 2007 when I successfully landed a job with a company in Kuwait. Unfortunately I was only able to work with them for about 7 months before they were sanctioned for contract violations and lost their entire SWA contract. That was a tremendous let down. I was released and returned to the US back to the same ole day to day at a local business. I never stopped applying for new contract opportunities but I had no luck. Finally I heard about Kairos Employment, after about 6 months of continuous work with the KEU staff they have helped me land a new job based out of Afghanistan! I’ll be starting in the low 6-figure range and its a fairly new contract so I am looking forward to a long assignment, KUDOS to the kEU staff for all the hard work.

  7. Tony Lewis says:

    My experience with KEU was awesome. Beverly McLean was very professional and informational at all times. Due to such a great experience, I’ve even referred two friends to call in and setup an appointment. I look forward to continuously working with KEU until I receive an offer letter.

  8. Derrick Atkinson says:

    My experience with KEU was great Mrs.McLean is very professional. Her persona and care for you makes you want to better and feel as you can do better! Thanks Mrs. McLean

  9. KEadmin says:

    We are currently getting setup with Twitter and we do have Facebook. Let us know what you think when we’re up and running.

  10. Vanessa Mccormick says:

    My experience with Kairos employment was wonderful, to say the least. Mrs. McLean was knowledgeable, helpful, and thorough in her approach to creating an attention -grabbing resume for me. I was very impressed and pleased with the quality of her work. And most importantly, I used the resume to land an awesome job in my area of expertise. I highly recommend Kairos for all of your employment needs.

  11. I Michael Ladson would like to say that KEU, INC. Has been nothing but great to me their line of service has been quite promising the level of effort they put into those who step in there office is extraordinary. I could say if your looking for great opportunity to start fresh for yourself KEU, is the way to go. I say check onto this business its the best choice you will ever make. Thank you KEU,INC.

  12. Joel Rivera says:

    KEU, INC. is a incredible agency to work with when seeking job or career opportunities. This agency exceeds any expectations to achieve their goal in providing excellent customer service, a well-prepared resume, and various positions for potential clients. Thank you Mrs. McLean for your assistance, your words of encouragement, and making a dream become reality!

  13. Dinah Day says:

    I had a wonderful experience with this company, I highly recommend Mrs. Mclean and her staff!

  14. Kristy says:

    My experience with KEU, Inc. has been a tremendous blessing. The employment consultant has worked very closely with me, given expert advivce, and assisted me with some issues there were prevented me from obtaining my Security clearance. I recommend Kairos Employment to anyone who is looking for a personal touch, professional service, and a career change.

  15. Dinah says:

    Excellent service! I will definitely refer others to this agency.

  16. Overton says:

    Ms. McLean has been very helpful during this process of looking for employment. Kairos Employment is a thorough agency because they seem to have a checklist with the appropriate steps from the application to hiring process. They always keep me up to date and do a great job with pursuing pragmatic leads for employment, ensuring I have all the details. THANK YOU!

  17. Lu Blue says:

    Anyone going to Afghanistan be prepared for a lot of dust. I reccommend bringing scarfs with you. And by all means travel light. Then when youget here buy/send for more stuff. You will need to take your luggade thru several airports and move it numerous times before you get settled so teh less bags the better.

  18. Big_bird says:

    KEU is working with a dream of many people. And I was the one hope so.

  19. Thomas & Valerie says:

    Our experience with KEU went very well. The initial contact was a call made to her office, from that point we felt very positive about the company. We spoke with Mrs. McLean over the phone, she was very professional and direct about what KEU INC had to offer. After that we immediately made an appointment to come to her Erwin office. The experience there was just what we were looking for in regards to an Employment Agency. We left her office feeling positive about her ability to provide the type of Employment that we were looking for. We look forward to the day we receive the call that she has found an opportunity for us to move forward on new Career opportunities .

  20. Lucinda says:

    Thank you Kairos!!! I just got an offer letter for a 90k job. Mrs McLean has been an instrumental part in helping me secure this position. She and her staff have been here for me in every step of the process. They helped with my passport, made phone calls, completed and faxed paperwork. Not to mention hooking me up with an awesome resume. That’s key to getting your foot in the door.This the opportunity I’ve been waiting for. Thanks again.

  21. Warren says:

    My experience with KEU has been a professional as well as dedicated one. Beverly Mclean works very hard to get you placed in a profitable as well as compatible career choice. I encourage anyone looking for help in your professional presentation or simply looking to change careers, seek KEU services.

    • KEadmin says:

      Warren, on behalf of KEU, Inc. the owners and staff we would like to say thank you for sharing your opinion about our company with the world.

  22. Lucinda Blue says:

    Kairos Employment is a great agency. If your are seeking employment, changing careers or just not sure which direction you need to head, I recommend that you use the services available through this company. They will take the time to listen to you, assess your skills and match you with the right job. I was very impressed with the resume Kairos developed for me. I’m very satisfied with the servicesI have gotten.

  23. melissa says:

    My experience with this company was totally what I was looking for hopefully with that being said that i can be placed in a job with a better career option Mrs. Beverly McLean she is a wonderful person who really made me feel welcomed and i found that to be very impressive.

  24. KEU’s Beverly McLean is an extremely professional person. She also cares a lot about the community; the development of it, and giving back to it. KEU is only beginning to leave a mark on the Fayetteville/surrounding areas!

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